• Beyond the Pleasure Principle

• Encounter with the Ephemeral

• Jabba's Tweets

• Nora's Daydream - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brüssel

• The Other Woman Zizi's Dream - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels

• The Extraterrestrial Hermaphrodite - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels

• L’amour fou - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels

• Solitary Confinment - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels

• The Irish Dream - Short Film - Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels




The Other Woman, Zizi’s Dream



International Film Festival for Women, Social Isues, and Zero Discrimination, Film Festival Award Winner January 2018 ; Miami Independant Film Festival, January 2018, Five Continents International Film Festival, February 2018, Global Motion Pictures Awards February 2018 ; Five Continents International Film Festival, March 2018



VooDistribution Filmfest, April 2017 ;Follow Your Dreams Film Festival, June 2017 ; Hollywood International Moving Picture (Finalist), March 2017; PiGrecoZen FilmFest, October 2017 ; Hollywood Verge Film Awards;, September 2017 ; Los Angeles Cinefest,Januar 2017 ; 1st Edition of the Expression Art Movie Film Festival, 2017 Award Winner; Aword Short Indie Film Festival; Puerto Distribution Filmfest; Festival De Cine de San Lorenzo; Chandler International Film Festival , December 2017 ; VII Visualizame; Film Festival 2017, Best Short on MovieScreenPro , 2017 : Award of Recognition



Award of Recognition in IndieFest Film Awards

Best Shorts Competition, March 2016 ; The IndieFEST Film Awards, August 2016 : Award of Recognition ; Blow-UpInternationalArthouse Film festival Chicago, Finalist; TechFest :Innovation in Technology, April 2016 ; Women Filmmakers, San Diego, California; Hong Kong Art House Film Festival,March 2016 ; Narrative Short Film, official selection; Laiffa Awards, official selection, Los Angeles,Febuary2016 ; Trans(m)it Festival, Philadelphia, June 2016 ; Central Florida Film Festival,April 2016; Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Allemagne, open screening; Fastnet Film Festival, Schull, Ireland, open screening; Cutting Edge Film Festival, selected for screening




The Other Woman







The installation consisting of 15 casted and painted Jabba -the Hut- heads and the short film documenting Donadls Trump's speech inciting the Capitol's invasion on January 2021.
This work which was an accumulation of documented speeches and Twitter statements transformed into images, sculptures and short films, represents the effects of mass manipulation.








The mirror stage












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Encounter with the Ephemeral

Film: 2019
Duration: 12 minutes

Final project of residency with RARO, Buenos Aires january/february 2019

In the 12 minute short film I am describing my attempt to break out of the vicious circle of habit and routine and to move on in order to create new entities . On my poetic voyage I encounter the speaking beings unconscious drive for death and destruction, this kind of libido that Freud described in his essay ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ which he wrote after World War I.
My mourning for the disappearance of the glaciers with their natural habitat as well for the irreversible damage to the planet is transmitted through my spoken, inner reflections.
























the Other woman




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the Other woman

Film: 2016

Focus of the film «the Other woman» is on the return of the repressed in its disguised form, on what does not make sense in the dream. The latter can be located in the tension between the superficiality of the luxurious perfectionism of the bourgeoisie and the real, the impossible, the unbearable to look at. In the film, this tension or agony manifests itself on the body of the woman, which is marked by the scars of the contemporary self-mutilation and an outdated ecstatic fit of the 19/20th century, both reasons for young women for being committed to psychiatric hospital. The message of the acting outs, ecstasy and scarification is and was the same: to catch the gaze of the other, to break with the indifference of the household tribe. Thus in the film both actions are interchangeable, they follow one another and respond to each other, the ecstasy being like the stage that entails the visible body marks.
The sound of the film refers to the « psyché », which in Greek ψυχή means breath of life or soul. Only in her deep sleep the woman’s heart beats in sync with her breath, otherwise the heartbeats relate to her excitement. Thus, the breathing background guides and enables the viewer to access the psyché of the dreamer.
The installation «the cage» symbolizes the imprisonment in the fantasy about the significant Other, about his Otherness, in the film about the Other woman who has what the woman cannot have, but «does she want it?», or «what is it that she wants?». The image of Jesus cannot serve as a sublimation because the position of her body during the ecstatic fit points to him, the man, who is still the sole object of her sexual desire. This force of passion is emphasized by the sound of the winds.
This impossible desire and its repercussions reveal themselves in the film. Today, these ecstatic fits are still diagnosed in cultures in which women’s emancipation is impossible.




Trailer of film "the Other woman"











The Extraterrestrial Hermaphrodite

Film 2014
Duration: 13 minutes

The film tells the story of a little Extraterrestrial Hermaphrodite's alienation and isolation, who accidently landed on our planet earth.

Artistic crafts and humor provide a colourful contrast to the grey destiny of the little being.





















L'Amour fou

Film 2012
Duration: 20 minutes
Material: 2 plaster sculptures 1.70 m each woman and man
Drawings: Moebius Strip, two dimensional drawing by Céline Bourseaux

‘The body in pieces’, 2 parallel mirrors 2,.44 x 1,22 m
Sculpture ‘the spider’, foam and wire

Love and hate are inescapably connected to jouissance ( enjoyment). The film ‘L’Amour Fou’ (crazy love or the love of the crazy) shows that the two seemingly distinct sentiments extend in fact only on one surface. In order to illustrate that love and hate are in fact one boundary component, Zizi Rincolisky uses the two-dimensional Moebius Strip. If the speaking subject is on the side of love it does not see the other side of hate and visa versa.

The film' l'Amour Fou' is an art film. It shows images of the Irish Sky Gardens as well as landscapes and skies of New Mexico. Two plaster sculptures who speak, think but do not move are the main actors of a film. The only moving actor is a child crawling through the dark tunnel of the crater symbolising the cervix and being born in the oval shaped crater, metaphor for the uterus. Nevertheless, the film tells the story of the ever repetitive cycle of love and hate between man and woman which works like a Moebius Strip, if you are on one side you do not see the other and visa versa.



The Irish Dream

Film 2010

The film ' The Irish Dream' is the precise reconstitution of a dream. The dreamer devours the food of everyone around her in a restaurant, the table of her family as well as that of the table of the neighbors who is occupied by unknown people. The family is embarrassed and the strangers are vexed when she stuffs the food from each plate into her mouth. In the dream the woman feels no shame at all. Her desire becomes transparent illuminating a moment in which her normally veiled greed opens up in form of the uncontrolled oral drive.





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