Zizi Rincolisky
The Other Woman

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Zizi Rincolisky Wins Award of Recognition in IndieFest Film Awards

Desire and dreaming

Zizi Rincolisky, (Ireland/ Belgium), has won a prestigious Award of Recognition: Women Filmmakers from IndieFest Film Awards 2016. The award was given for Zizi Rincolisky’s exciting short film ‘the Other woman’, based on Zizi’s surreal dream in which desire reveals itself in a disguised form.

Everybody dreams, we need to decipher the dream to approach the truth of our desire. In the film a woman acts out her dissociated desire for her first love in an ecstatic fit in front of the man, his wife and his children. Brilliantly played by George Hanover, the woman does not succeed to catch their gazes, no matter how she moves her body on the floor or how she ejects her moans, she remains ignored by the family. Even when she turns her back demonstrating her bloody scratches while speaking to them, she does not get what she wants: attention. The Other woman, played by Elisabeth Howard has what the woman will never have, the man and his family. But then the Other woman admires the woman for her courageous act, she herself would never dare to do anything like this. Thus for both women it is always the Other thing that they desire, the latter remains on the level of the unattainable.

The installation ‘the Cage’ is metaphor for being trapped in this imaginative desire. The location is a 500 year old castle in the south of Ireland. The sound artist Franziska Windisch has mixed 7 different winds with human respiration and heartbeat.

“I never expected my film having this kind of success in the United States”, (director, Zizi Rincolisky)

“ I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep all night”(editor, Brigitte Willisch), and

“I cannot believe a film can travel that far” (actress, George Hanover)